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Water Pump
Solar pumps offer a clean and simple alternative to fuel-burning engines and generators for domestic water, livestock and irrigation. They are most effective during dry and sunny seasons. They require no fuel deliveries and very little maintenance. Solar pumps are powered by photovoltaic (solar electric) panels and the flow rate is determined by the intensity of the sunlight.

System Concept:
  1. A solar electric array generates electricity from the sun's light with no moving or wearing parts. A solar pump is designed to utilize the direct current from the array efficiently, even as the energy production varies throughout the day.
  2. The solar water pumping system is a stand-alone system operating on power generated using solar PV (photovoltaic) Modules. AC Pump can be used with the introduction of Inverter in the system.
  3. The Pump can be used with 220V, 1 electricity.
  4. The introduction of the modified valve lets an uninterrupted operation of Hand pump in option of Non-availability of power to submersible. Hence, the same bore is having three options available in the remote, hilly undulating terrine.
Types of System:
  1. DC Surface Pump
  2. AC Submersible Pump without Battery
  3. AC Submersible Pump with Battery
System Features:
  1. Capacity : 0.5 HP - 5 HP
  2. Discharge: 10K LPD 150K LPD
  3. Long Life Battery Bank (Optional)
  4. Excess Power diversification
  5. Dynamic Head: 30Mtr 110 Mtr
  6. Convenient operation, less expenditure on system maintenance
  7. Normally work when sunshine is not enough.
  8. With MPPT technique (Maximum Power Point Tracking), the invert efficiency is over 95%.
  9. Intelligent protection control and management on the system, in terms of low voltage, over voltage, over load, short circuit, deficiency of water in well, excess of water in tank, etc.
System Components:
  1. Solar PV Module
  2. Pump / Motor
  3. Solar Inverter
  4. Solar Charge controller
  5. Battery Bank (Optional)
  6. Hand Pump & Modified Valve assembly
  7. 2 way Change over switch
  8. Module mounting structure
ModelTypeTDHWater Discharge Per Day
TSP 600SMSubmersible Pump25 meters15000
TSP 900SMSubmersible Pump25 meters22000
TSP 1200SMSubmersible Pump25 meters30000
TSP 1800SMSubmersible Pump25 meters45000
TSP 2500SMSubmersible Pump25 meters60000
TSP 3000SMSubmersible Pump25 meters75000
TSP 600SMSurface Pump6 Mtrs suction & 15 Mtrs discharge35000
TSP 900SMSurface Pump6 Mtrs suction & 15 Mtrs discharge55000
TSP 1200SMSurface Pump6 Mtrs suction & 15 Mtrs discharge70000
TSP 1800SMSurface Pump6 Mtrs suction & 15 Mtrs discharge110000
TSP 2500SMSurface Pump6 Mtrs suction & 15 Mtrs discharge150000
TSP 3000SMSurface Pump6 Mtrs suction & 15 Mtrs discharge180000
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