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Solar Power Pack Stand Alone
Stand alone Solar System is designed to operate complete load profile only through Solar Power for required hour of operation per day spread over the 24Hours. No other source of energy is utilized either for loads or charging the battery bank.

Working Concept:
  • Day Time - Solar Energy operate loads and charge battery bank.
  • Night Time - Battery bank operate loads through inverter.

  • Features:
  • Solar Power is the only source of energy.
  • Capacity of Solar array & battery bank is designed as per the loads,
       daily hours of operation & back up for non-sunny days.
  • Continuous independent energy supply.
  • System range: 100VA to 100KVA- 1 or 3.
  • System Autonomy: 2 to 5 days as per requirement.
  • Solar Power Pack Hybrid
    Hybrid Solar Power Pack System is designed to operate loads and charge battery bank through solar power and grid power as the case may be. Hybrid power pack is designed with energy management system for continues operation of loads and maintain the battery bank in charged condition in all feasible circumstance.

    Working Concept:
  • Solar & Grid Both Available
  • System range :1KVA -100KVA
  • Battery Backup: As Required
  • Maximum available solar power is utilized to charge the battery
        & support loads. Balance energy is utilized from grid as required.

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