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Utkarshaa Energy Services Pvt. Ltd. Offers expertise in installation of Solar rooftop on grid and off grid plants,Hybrid plant for  residential and commercial establishments.

Utkarshaa Energy already installed 750 KWs of rooftop solar PV systems in Maharashtra.


A rooftop photovoltaic power station, or rooftop PV system, is a photovoltaic system that has its electricity-generating solar panels mounted on the rooftop of a residential or commercial building or structure.


Advantages of Rooftop solar system

  1. Huge annual saving in Electricity bills
  2. Requires minimum maintenance
  3. System have a long life & durability
  4. Carbon emission reduction
  5. Optimizes land uses
  6. Accelerated depreciation on assets
  7. Implementation of Solar Roof
  8. Grid connected solar power plants. Solar Mini/Micro Grids
  9. Long term reliable power source.
On Grid Solar Rooftops Off Grid Solar Rooftops
No battery requirement Batteries required
Maintenance free Payback period 6-7 years
Payback period 6-7 years Recommended from 5 KW to 15 KW
Recommended from 5 KW onwards Tax benefit (A.D. Accelator Defrication)
Governmebt subsidy as per norms  


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