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solar street light is made of advanced quality components: the solar panel is selfmanufacturing and designing with the mono-/poly- crystalline high efficiency cells. The intelligent digital controller has the sophisticated functions to increase the life of battery and user friendly system.

System Features
  1. Stand alone system.
  2. Virtually Maintenance-Free Design.
  3. Dusk to Dawn, Automatic ON/OFF.
  4. 2 to 3 day's autonomy.
  5. A complete shock proof system.
  6. Indications : Low Battery & Battery Charging.
  7. Protections : Low Battery, Over Charging, Reverse / Short / Open Circuit & No Load.
  8. Structure: Pole, Panel Stand, Luminary Bend,
    Battery Box & Stand, Cable & Hardware Set.

LED Features :
  1. High flux LED on metal core PCB for Good heat dissipation.
  2. Wide beam angle suitable for use with Secondary optics.
  3. LED Life: 50000 Hrs approx.

System Components :
  1. PV Module: Mono / Multi Crystalline Cells.
  2. Battery: VRLA / Tubular lead Acid / GEL Tubular
  3. Electronics: Constant Current Source with Intelligent Controller with Light & Time control.
  4. Pole Height: As per requirement of illumination MS/GI painted with corrosion resistant paint in suitable die & height
  5. Installation: As per requirement of illumination recommend from pertaining to specific model can be conveyed.
Parameters / ModelsSLS-LED1206SLS-LED1209SLS-LED1212SLS-LED1215SLS-LED1218
System Voltage12V DC12V DC12V DC12V DC12V DC
SPV Module18 Wp37 Wp74 Wp80 Wp100 Wp
Battery12V/26Ah SMF12V/40Ah SMF12V/80Ah SMF12V/100Ah12V/100Ah
Luminaire- Nominal W6W9W12W15W18W
Charge Regulator3A5A10A10A15A
Efficiency> 90%> 90%> 90%> 90%> 90%
EnclosureABS Plastic/Polycarbonate
IP classIp 55
Temperature Range0-50 C0-50 C0-50 C0-50 C0-50 C
Colour Temperature5500-6500 K5500-6500 K5500-6500 K5500-6500 K3000-6500 K
Light output (lumens) 10%45070090012001500
Lux8 at 3 Meter8 at 4 Meter10 at 4 Meter8 at 5 Meter10 at 5 Meter
Beam Angle60-11060-11060-11060-11060-110
Recommended Lamp Height3 Meter4 Meter4 Meter5 Meter5 Meter
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