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Utkarshaa has successfully provided expertise and experience of renewable energy in support of various projects in the field of solar energy.

Utkarshaa is a leading independent engineering consultancy specializing in worldwide renewable energy projects. We have the capability to deliver at every phase of a project, from the early stages of site selection, feasibility and design right through to project management of the construction phase and operation and maintenance.


The Ranges of services we offer are:

  1. Initial site and resource assessment
  2. Detailed feasibility study
  3. Energy yield prediction
  4. Planning applications
  5. System design
  6. Installation and Supervision
  7. Commissioning
  8. Lender's Engineer
  9. Technical Advisor


  1. Land related title clear documents
  2. Industrial NA of the land if required.
  3. Land Related ground work ready to install ( land levelling, fencing, water resources, etc )
  4. Evacuation lines upto the MSEB substation.


  1. Power generation guarantee with 1% degradation every year.
  2. All licencing Required from Govt., Non Govt. Authorities.
  3. PPA ( Power Purchase Agreement ).
  4. Bank loans. ( You need minimum 30% valuation colateral security of the project cost ).
  5. The offer includes Start To Finish EPC work of the plant within fencing.

Note :- Additional extra expenses other than govt. fees has to be bear by the client

  1. Initial Activities:-
    1. Physical Site Survey and Demarcation with respective authority.
    2. Site physibility
  2. Preparation of Drawings:-
    1. General Layout Plan
    2. Mounting Structure
    3. Earthing Electrodes
    4. Earthing Plan
    5. DC Cabling
    6. AC and DC Electrical Layout
    7. Foundation for mounting structure
    8. Inverter Room
    9. Control Room
    10. Water Tank
    11. Metering arrangement
    12. Design of Four Pole / Substation or any other method of power evacuation toconnect 33KV Sub Transmission line
    13. Design of 33 KV Sub Transmission line
    14. Connection with bay of 132 or 220 KV GSS
  3. Preparation of Specifications For Electronic & Electrical Material :-
    1. Inverters
    2. Cables
    3. Transformers
    4. Combiner Boxes
    5. Breaker
    6. Material for transmission line
    7. SCADA system
    8. Other Items to complete the plant
  4. Procurement of the Material :-
  5. Site Mobilization for Work:



Services Offered


Project Stages

1. Customized engineering

1. Land selection

2. Detailed engineering

2. Technical feasibility

3. Techno commercial due diligence

3. Power purchase agreements(PPA)

4. Project Management

4. Funding & approvals

5. Erection of project

5. Detailed engineering

6. Commissioning

6. EPC

7. Operation and Maintenance

7. Commissioning

8. Energy Trading

8. Operation & Maintenance Routine


Customized Engineering

We help our client in selecting site technology, plant layout option, financial model, EPC, O & M contracting and equipment supplier. Our typical owner’s engineering services for solar PV projects including the following:

  1. Site assessment
  2. Yield assessment
  3. Technology assessment
  4. Project setup
  5. Financial assessment
  6. Plant performance monitoring
  7. PV system design and design verification

Detailed Engineering

Experienced and highly qualified tech team provides services for detailed engineering & design services for rooftop and utility scale solar projects. The detailed engineering and design process is to optimize the plant operational performance and maximize returns on investment. The services include following

  1. Project schematics
  2. Solar PV system sizing
  3. Module and inverter selection
  4. Shadow analysis
  5. Cable sizing, schedules and routing
  6. Interconnections
  7. Foundation design and drawing for equipments, structure and buildings

Techno Commercial Due Diligence

Not all risks can be fully removed by technical solutions. Strong contracts, optimum financial modeling and risk management are necessary for success of any project. We carry out techno commercial due diligence for better decision making on solar PV investment. We identify various technical, policy, regulatory, operational risk associated with the solar projects and ensure high financial return on solar PV investments. We provide techno commercial due
diligence services for private equity investor’s & lender’s. Our techno commercial due diligence
services include the following

  1. Project structure & planning
  2. Solar resource assessment
  3. Energy yield forecast
  4. Technology evaluation
  5. Contracts review
  6. Financial modeling
  7. Risk management
  8. Review of approval and clearances

Project Management

Project requires management of multiple stakeholders with different timelines & deliverables. We support client with project management services including development of project implementation schedule, project monitoring, periodic reporting and preparation of post commissioning documentation. Our typical project management services includes following

  1. Pre feasibility assessments
  2. DPR
  3. Project structuring
  4. Strategic business planning
  5. Engineering design & technical advisory for solar PV projects
  6. Performance verification

Erection Of Project

It consists of engineering, procurement and construction of the plant. This usually includes selecting the suppliers of solar modules, inverters and other key items of equipment and finalizing and underwriting the final design and output projections for the plant. EPC generally divided between mechanical and electrical activities.


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