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Utkarshaa has successfully provided expertise and experience of renewable energy in support of various projects in the field of solar energy.

Utkarshaa is a leading independent engineering consultancy specializing in worldwide renewable energy projects. We have the capability to deliver at every phase of a project, from the early stages of site selection, feasibility and design right through to project management of the construction phase and operation and maintenance.
The Ranges of services we offer are:
  1. Initial site and resource assessment
  2. Detailed feasibility study
  3. Energy yield prediction
  4. Planning applications
  5. System design
  6. Installation and Supervision
  7. Commissioning
  8. Lender's Engineer
  9. Technical Advisor

Generating electricity from the sun is a responsible approach to preserving natural resources and improving our way of life for generations to come. We are one of the pioneers in viewing solar energy in a broad context. It's not just about making solar energy available, but rather enabling it to be used in as diverse applications as possible. Our single-minded focus in providing greater value to our customers, translates into high levels of customer satisfaction. We are committed to its vision of bringing the benefits of environment friendly low-cost solar energy to communities around the globe.


Creating A Greener Future. That's what we do.

We're addressing tomorrow's energy needs today. We combine innovative solar power technology with nature's most abundant resource to deliver clean, efficient energy. We’re passionate about providing you the highest quality solar energy solutions. By partnering with you, we can create a future free from global warming and fossil fuels. Together we can build a greener, environmentally friendly tomorrow. At the forefront of addressing tomorrow's energy needs today, we combine pioneering solar technology with nature's most abundant resource to deliver the cleanest, most affordable and energy efficient solutions for a green future. We envision a green future where everyone has access to clean, sustainable and reliable solar energy. Fulfilling our mission also means building strong relationships with people, businesses, organizations and governments equally passionate and committed to the power of solar energy. We feel a deep responsibility for raising awareness of climate change issues and helping others understand the role that solar energy can play in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and global warming. Green energy solutions are numerous and need applied right now to stop global warming from gaining anymore strength. Global warming has already gained the strength to begin melting glaciers. Think about that.

Together We Can Help The Power Of Nature Change The Nature Of Power !

Grid connected solar PV Power project using Thin film technology.

Photovoltaic solar energy (PV) is one of the renewable energies that can most easily be deployed, contributing to the improvement of the environment. These PV systems are directly connected to the grid for homes, commercial and centralized power generation applications.

The PV systems connected to the grid offer the opportunity to generate significant quantities of electricity with a great commercial value – silently and without pollution. These systems operate in parallel with the existing grid network, allowing an interactive interchange of electricity to and from the grid. Inverter systems dissipate the direct current that got generated into alternating current, which gets fed into the public power supply. Per kilowatt-hour that gets fed into the public system, you will get a statutory reward - that way you earn money with your solar plant. As the operating is carried out without any moving parts your solar power plant will be maintenance-free over years. Moreover the long-term stability of the solar modules we employ assures a constant high yield for years.



PROJECT COMPLETION PERIOD 6 - 9 Months ( Depends on Paper work )
ANNUAL PRODUCTION 1825 MW/YEAR ( 18,25,000 Kwh or units )

Depreciation rate (accelerated) 80% 1st yr and 20% 2nd yr (21c – 21g). Tax holidays for 10 years u/s. 80(I)A.


  1. Land related title clear documents
  2. Industrial NA of the land if required.
  3. Land Related ground work ready to install ( land levelling, fencing, water resources, etc )
  4. Evacuation lines upto the MSEB substation.


  1. Power generation guarantee with 1% degradation every year.
  2. All licencing Required from Govt., Non Govt. Authorities.
  3. PPA ( Power Purchase Agreement ).
  4. Bank loans. ( You need minimum 30% valuation colateral security of the project cost ).
  5. The offer includes Start To Finish EPC work of the plant within fencing.

Note :- Additional extra expenses other than govt. fees has to be bear by the client

  1. Initial Activities:-
    1. Physical Site Survey and Demarcation with respective authority.
    2. Site physibility
  2. Preparation of Drawings:-
    1. General Layout Plan
    2. Mounting Structure
    3. Earthing Electrodes
    4. Earthing Plan
    5. DC Cabling
    6. AC and DC Electrical Layout
    7. Foundation for mounting structure
    8. Inverter Room
    9. Control Room
    10. Water Tank
    11. Metering arrangement
    12. Design of Four Pole / Substation or any other method of power evacuation toconnect 33KV Sub Transmission line
    13. Design of 33 KV Sub Transmission line
    14. Connection with bay of 132 or 220 KV GSS
  3. Preparation of Specifications For Electronic & Electrical Material :-
    1. Inverters
    2. Cables
    3. Transformers
    4. Combiner Boxes
    5. Breaker
    6. Material for transmission line
    7. SCADA system
    8. Other Items to complete the plant
  4. Procurement of the Material :-
  5. Site Mobilization for Work:

PAYMENT SCHEDULE :- Total Project Cost with Turnkey Basis – 7.5 Cr.
After confirmation of project viability from customer end, we will accept minimum 1.5% of project cost Basic Non Refundable Token Amount for Technical & Financial DPR.
If you require only Consultancy for the Project we will charge 6% of the project cost and prepare Technical DPR as well as Financial DPR & Project planning along with material supplier vendors for the Project.
After Receiving Token Amount DPR ( Detailed Project Report ) will be shared as per basic project offer
Revenue generation depends on PPA. Average ROI will be 5 to 8 yrs.
After that Remaining balance amount will be accepted in schedule as per MOU.
The Bill of Material for execution of Turnkey 10MW project shall be submitted after the issuance of LOI / Techno-commercial clear Purchase Order with Advance.

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